What is the Lite-Restricted (“Lite-R”) membership?

The Lite-R membership category will replace the current Third-Party Originator (“TPO”) membership category. Lite-R membership is similar to the TPO membership in that it applies to mortgage loan originators that will be closing MERS Loans1, but will not be performing any transactions (e.g. registrations, transfers, deactivations) on the MERS® System. Instead, all MERS® System transactions for MERS Loans closed by Lite-R Members are performed by the Lite-R Member’s investors.

What are the main differences between the Lite, TPO, and Lite-R membership categories?

Please reference the table below.

TPO Lite-R Lite
Can close MERS Loans X X X
Can generate MIN and closing docs X X X
Can be named in the Originating Org ID field on the MERS System X X X
MERS Loan must be table-funded by MERS System Member Investor X
Can register loans on the MERS System X
Can transfer loans on the MERS System X
Able to request a MERS Corporate Resolution and Signing Authority Agreements X
Must submit an Annual Quality Assurance ("QA") Plan X
Can access the MERSCORP Holdings Member website X X
Can update contact info on the MERS System X X
Can create user roles on the MERS System (Sys Admin) X X
Annual membership fee $150 $150 $264

What is the annual membership fee for Lite-R membership?

The annual membership fee for Lite-R membership is $150, which is the same as the annual membership fee for TPO membership. Your organization will receive a membership invoice annually.

Do I have to submit an investor letter to qualify for Lite-R membership?

No, a signed investor letter is not required. However, similar to TPO membership, if as a Lite-R Member you close a MERS Loan and it is rejected by the intended investor (and not purchased by another investor that is a MERS® System Member), then the intended investor is responsible for registering the loan on the MERS® System, ensuring that an assignment from MERS is executed by a MERS Signing Officer and sent for recording, and deactivating the loan on the MERS® System as “Transfer to Non-MERS Status”.

When do I have to convert my TPO membership to Lite-R membership?

Your TPO membership can be converted to Lite-R membership any time after November 1, 2015, but must be done prior to the end of the renewal period of your TPO membership. A MERSCORP Holdings Business Integration Manager will contact you to facilitate the conversion to Lite-R membership. If you wish to convert to Lite-R membership prior to the commencement of your membership renewal period or would like more information regarding the conversion process, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Will I be notified when my TPO membership is going to expire?

Similar to the existing renewal notification process, an email informing you that your TPO membership is pending expiration will be sent to your Executive Sponsor and Primary Customer Service contacts.

What is required for the conversion process?

For existing TPO Members, the conversion process will require a brief phone call with a MERSCORP Holdings Business Integration Manager to review your contact information and facilitate the conversion process. You will also be given access to an optional on-demand training webinar and provided with MERS® System credentials.

If I just renewed my TPO membership and paid the membership renewal fee, do I have to pay an additional $150 membership fee to convert to Lite-R membership?

If your TPO membership fees are current, no additional fees will be due upon conversion.

Do I have to submit a new MERS® System Membership Application?

Existing TPO members will not have to submit a new MERS® System Membership Application.

“MERS Loan” means a loan for which Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (“MERS”) is the mortgagee, beneficiary, grantee, nominee of the lender, or other secured party.