Interested in joining the MERSCORP Holdings team?

MERSCORP Holdings, Inc. is a privately held corporation that owns and manages the MERS® System and all other MERS® products. Users of the MERS® System include thousands of lenders, servicers, sub-servicers, investors and government institutions. The MERS® System is a national electronic database that tracks changes in mortgage servicing rights and beneficial ownership interests in loans secured by residential real estate. MERSCORP Holdings also owns subsidiary Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (“MERS”), which serves as mortgagee in the land records for loans registered on the MERS® System. MERS is a nominee for the lender and subsequent buyers (“beneficial owners”) of a mortgage loan and serves as a common agent for the mortgage industry. MERSCORP Holdings employs a dedicated team of professionals with diverse backgrounds from mortgage banking to systems integration.

MERSCORP Holdings Employee Benefits:

  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • 401(k) with Roth 401(k) option
  • Life, disability and long term care insurance
  • Paid leave benefits

Employment Opportunities

 There are currently no available employment opportunities.

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