Why become a member? 

Serving the real estate finance industry, the various MERS® systems are designed to save time and money, and streamline business and operational processes through the use of electronic commerce.

Who can become a member?

Membership is open to originators, servicers, lenders, brokers, vendors serving the mortgage industry and government institutions, who may apply for membership to one of the following:

  • MERS® System: The electronic registry that tracks servicing rights and beneficial ownership interests in residential mortgage loans.
  • MERS® eRegistry: The legal system of record that identifies the owner (Controller) and custodian (Location) for registered eNotes, providing greater liquidity, transferability and security for lenders. Membership to the MERS® System is a requirement for use of the MERS® eRegistry.

Other services:

  • MERS® Link: Subscription-based website that allows subscribers to retrieve information on the current servicer and investor of a mortgage registered on the MERS® System. Subscriptions are available to anyone.
  • MERS® ServicerID: Free service to look up the current servicer and investor of loans registered on the MERS® System. Available online and via toll-free number: (888) 679-6377.

For questions on membership or any of the products and services listed above, please contact your regional director.

We look forward to helping you become a MERS® System Member.

Member Search

To search for a MERS® System Member, please click here. To search for a word within the organization name, put percentage marks ("%") before and after the word (i.e., type "%Financial%" to search for any company that contains the word "Financial.") If you are searching for a company name that begins with the word "Financial," there is no need to place the percentage marks before and after the word.