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Title agents, government agencies and others looking for information about mortgage loans registered on the MERS® System can use Servicer ID or MERS® Link. This public access is often used by local municipalities to identify the servicer responsible for maintaining vacant or abandoned property.

Public Information Related to Registered Loans

Finding your mortgage information is easy! MERS® ServicerID is a free service that provides information on the current servicer and investor (owner of the note) for loans registered on the MERS® System. Access to MERS® ServicerID is available:

MERS® ServicerID is a free service we provide to connect you with the current servicer of a loan registered in the MERS® System. You may access it by:

  • Dialing the toll-free number at (888) 679-6377, or
  • Clicking here for online access

MERS® Link

MERS® Link is browser-based access to the MERS® System and enables a person to retrieve limited information regarding a mortgage loan registered on the MERS® System (including the identity of the current servicer). Access to the MERS® Link is also available on an annual subscription fee basis; but these fees are waived for government entities.

To subscribe to MERS® Link:

  1. Read the MERS® Link Terms and Conditions and click the link at the bottom of the page to indicate agreement.
  2. After you click on the link, your computer will download the subscription request form. Please print the form and complete it.
  3. Sign the form and fax/mail it to the address indicated.

Click here to go directly to the MERS® Link.

Property Preservation Vendor Contacts

Members of the MERS® System who have engaged a property preservation company to maintain acquired vacant or abandoned properties have an option to enter the name of their vendor in the MERS® System. This will allow local municipalities to directly access these vendors to deal with issues related to vacant or abandoned properties.

For Servicers/Members: