LEI Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)?

An LEI is a unique 20 character code associated with a single legal entity. The LEI is a reference data tool to standardize how an entity is identified on financial transactions and is a primary component of the Universal Loan Identifier (ULI).

Why would my organization potentially require an LEI?
What are the benefits of using MERSCORP Holdings, Inc.’s (“MERSCORP Holdings”) LEI services to register for or renew an LEI?
How do I apply for or renew an LEI using MERSCORP Holdings’ LEI services?
What information do I need to have available to fill out the LEI application?
What is the cost to apply for or renew an LEI?
How will my organization be charged for the LEI registration or renewal?
What type of review process occurs before an LEI is issued or renewed?
How long does it take for an LEI registration or renewal to be processed?
Once an LEI has been issued or renewed, how will my organization be notified?
What occurs if an LEI cannot be issued or renewed?
Will we receive a refund of the registration or renewal cost if an LEI cannot be issued or renewed?
How frequently must an LEI record be renewed?
Will MERSCORP Holdings remind my organization when its LEI record is due for renewal?
How can I update my organization’s LEI Contact information?
What happens if my organization’s LEI record is not renewed by its renewal date?
I am responsible for applying for or renewing my organization’s LEI and my organization is a MERS® System Member, but I do not have credentials to the MERS® System to access the LEI Registration/Renewal application for Members. What should I do?