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The time is now! Conveniently implement eNotes with MERS® eNote Solutions

MERS® eNote Solutions supports the creation, electronic signing, and vaulting of eNotes in a single platform.

eNote Creation
  • Create the MISMO SMART Doc® eNote required by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
  • Populate the eNote template through your existing Uniform Loan Delivery Dataset (ULDD) file or a custom XML file, as applicable.
  • Eliminate paper while saving time and shipping costs, eliminating the risk of lost notes, and achieving capital efficiencies.
Borrower Signing Capabilities
Delight your borrowers by going "e"!
  • Borrower transactions will occur in a digital closing room – branded with your company’s logo.
  • The borrower and the settlement agent receive separate verification codes, enhancing the security of the transaction.
  • The settlement agent doesn’t need any training, hardware, or software to access the closing room – it’s that simple!
  • Say goodbye to missing signatures, as this solution ensures all necessary signatures are captured.
eVault Services
Keep electronic assets secure
  • Your organization will have its own electronic repository, or eVault, for delivery and management of eNotes.
  • You determine who has access. Those authorized users can access the eNote in real time and perform key transactions on the MERS® eRegistry, including registration, transfer, and life of loan events, with just a few clicks.
  • Verify the integrity of your documents using the tamper-evident seal digitally applied to every document.
  • Maintain an authenticated and secure audit trail on every action taken throughout the lifecycle of the loan.
  • Deliver loans faster to the secondary market.

You'll need a vendor for these services. Why choose MERS® eNote Solutions?


Engage in one integration effort with MERSCORP Holdings

  • Go live with both the MERS® eRegistry and MERS® eNote Solutions at one time with a single implementation.
Seamless Vendor Management

One vendor, multiple solutions

  • Leverage your existing relationship with MERSCORP Holdings
Trusted Partner

We know eNotes. You know us.

  • With over 14 years of experience operating the MERS® eRegistry, you can rely on our expertise with eNotes to guide you through implementation and beyond.
  • With competitive and transparent pricing, you know all the costs up front.

Who benefits from using MERS® eNote Solutions?


This solution opens the door to implementing eNotes for all lenders – especially small to mid-size originators. Enhanced security, improved data quality, robust audit trail capabilities, and increased borrower satisfaction are just a few of the benefits MERS® eNote Solutions will provide.


They’ll experience a quick, simple, and secure electronic signing process!


Downstream data quality, faster access to and control of the eNote are all benefits that they’ll realize.