New Member Guides

Below are guides that contain information that will assist you with the transition to become a new MERS® System Member, including an overview of the membership process. Read about the various membership types and select the guide that best applies to your organization. If you have any questions, please contact the MERSCORP Holdings Membership Department.

General Membership
For lenders that typically service loans. General memberships are available in four different tiers based on annual volume of loan originations or servicing (whichever is greater).
Download the General Member Guide

Lite Membership
A Member that closes MOM loans and sells and transfers all MERS Loans along with servicing rights within 120 days of the Note Date.
Download the Lite Member Guide

Lite-R Membership
A Member that closes MOM loans for immediate sale to an Investor that will register the loans on the MERS® Syste. Lite-R Members do not have the MERS® System access necessary to register loans or perform other loan transactions.
Download the Lite-R Member Guide

A Member that is an Investor, Subservicer, Warehouse Lender, or other Associated Member for MERS Loans. This membership category also applies to Vendors (including Signing Authority Agreement vendors or law firms) that provide services to other Members.
Download the Patron Member Guide