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19 August 2021
How did Mr. Cooper become a trailblazer in eMortgage?

eMortgage is quickly becoming the industry standard as investors, originators, and borrowers become more comfortable with, and expect, a convenient, end-to-end digital experience for mortgage transactions. Mr. Cooper has emerged as a trailblazer in the eMortgage landscape by formulating and executing a plan to meet this demand head-on. By accepting the eMortgage challenge right from the start, Mr. Cooper has claimed a top spot in the eMortgage space, and is using that advantage to grow their business at scale.

5 May 2021
MERSCORP Holdings, Inc., now a part of ICE Mortgage Technology, continues to invest in industry innovation: Here’s how

It’s no secret that the mortgage industry has been on a path towards digitization for years, and the past 12 months played a huge role in accelerating that journey. This shift towards digital solutions has been a priority for MERSCORP Holdings, Inc. (MERS) since its founding in 1995. Throughout this time, MERS has been continuously evolving and actively working to enable its Members with the right technology, tools, and resources to achieve a streamlined, paperless process.

21 October 2020
Demand for Electronic Solutions and Strong Origination Volumes Drive Record Registrations on the MERS® eRegistry

MERSCORP Holdings announced a record number of eNote registrations on the MERS® eRegistry. From January through September 2020, MERS member institutions, including lenders and originators, registered 286,403 eNotes – more than double the total of all 2019 registrations. This rapid growth of eNotes echoes the residential lending industry’s continued drive toward greater digitization of the production process.

17 August 2020
MERSCORP Holdings Partners with the Federal Home Loan Banks on eNote Acceptance

MERS and the Federal Home Loan Bank System are partnering to pave the way for the FHLBanks’ 6,900 financial institutions to pledge eNotes as eligible collateral. Several FHLBanks expect integration to be complete in Q3 2020, while the remaining FHLBanks are establishing the necessary infrastructure and expect to be fully integrated in Q4 2020 and continuing into 2021.