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MERS® eDelivery

MERS® eDelivery

MERS® eDelivery provides a secure method for distributing documents in any electronic format (SMART Doc, PDF, TIFF, etc.) from one MERS® eRegistry user to another, using the existing MERS® eRegistry infrastructure and transaction security requirements.

Users can leverage MERS® eRegistry to send and receive electronic documents with any other user, at minimal cost.

What does MERS® eDelivery do?

When a MERS® eRegistry user transfers electronic documents using MERS® eDelivery, the process:

  • Validates the MIN (Mortgage Identification Number) associated with the electronic document
  • Validates the identity of the sender and the recipient
  • Confirms the receipt of electronic documents by the recipient
  • Maintains an audit trail of all deliveries
  • Allows the recipient to notify the sender after the recipient opens the eDelivery package
What role does the MERS® eDelivery serve in the sale and transfer of eNotes?

MERS® eDelivery transfers a copy of the eNote to a recipient to support the transfer of control and/or location of eNotes.