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Trailblazing eMortgage innovation with Mr. Cooper and Evergreen

Looking to achieve a trailblazing #eMortgage journey? We’ve got you covered! Watch the on-demand webinar replay to hear experts from Mr. Cooper and Evergreen dive into how going eMortgage technology can help you stay ahead of the competition and deliver a better #customerexperience.

How CrossCountry is moving to full eMortgage

We heard from Terry Chung, VP of Business Solutions, CrossCountry Mortgage, LLC about how eMortgage is changing the face of her organization and delighting borrowers along the way. During this webinar Terry talks with Liz Barnicle, Eastern Regional Manager of MERS and shares her valuable insights about challenges, strategies, and results based on first-hand experience.

This is your chance to see how Cross Country is managing their journey to a full digital mortgage experience for their borrowers, and how you can take advantage of what they have learned along the way to keep up in this changing market.

View this 20 minute on-demand webinar and see how you can join the path to success with a plan for action towards a full eMortgage experience for your organization.

Expanding the digital eClose with EPM

A successful eClose journey doesn’t stop at the closing table, and no one knows that better than EPM. In this new on-demand webinar, Elizabeth Barnicle, Eastern Regional Manager at MERSCORP Holdings, Inc., spoke with Logan Judah, EVP of Secondary Fulfillment at EPM about how EPM successfully incorporated eNotes into their eClose process, and how they tackled all the steps in between. Tune in now for a behind-the-scenes look at how EPM expanded their eClose footprint to include a successful eNotes roll out, with expert advice on:

  • How to support and equip your internal teams when transitioning from paper to eNotes
  • · Why incorporating eNotes into your eClose strategy can help you scale
  • · The key benefits of registering eNotes on the MERS® eRegistry

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