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MERS® eMortgage Boot Camp Webinars

Collaborate to Innovate: Leader Success Stories

MERS® eMortgage Boot Camp Webinars

Collaborate to Innovate: Lender Success Stories

Join us for this year’s MERS® eMortgage Boot Camp where the theme Collaborate to Innovate: Lender Success Stories will focus on success stories - companies who have integrated a piece of the eMortgage and the trading partners and vendors who have assisted.

Learn about the processes, timelines, and implementation best practices

  • Ideal for C-suite, attorneys, operational stakeholders, vendor management professionals, and sales teams.
  • Remain competitive by increasing efficiencies, reducing costs, and increasing customer satisfaction.

This year you can attend the live webinars or watch recorded sessions on-demand. To register, simply choose the sessions that interest you and fill out the registration form.

MERS® System Membership is required to view the webinars. If you are a lender who is not a MERS® System Member, contact us to receive instructions for registering.

Confirmed panelists

Thrive Mortgage, Mann Mortgage, Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati, Mountain America Credit Union, U.S. Bank, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae, Falcon Capital Advisors, eOriginal, Docutech, DocMagic, Simplifle, TruHome, Stewart Title, Mr. Cooper, Evergreen Home Loans, Texas Capital Bank, Wells Fargo Funding, and Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

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