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MERS® eRegistry

MERS® eRegistry Participant Fees

MERS® eRegistry Participants are not subject to an additional membership fee, as usage is covered under the MERS® System membership fee.

Transactional and other related fees do apply.

For each transaction, the Requesting Party is billed. The Requesting Party is the Participant that initiated the transaction to the MERS® eRegistry.

eNote Registration*


Price is per transaction

If a Registration is requested by a Delegatee for Transfer (DFT), the DFT will be billed for the registration fee.

eNote conversion to paper


Price is per transaction

Transfer to proprietary registry


Price is per transaction



Price is per transaction

An eDelivery can be sent to a maximum of 10 recipients. If one or more of the recipients accepts the eDelivery, the Requesting Party is billed a total of $0.10 for the transaction.

Transfer of control - seasoned loan**


Price is per transaction

Other MERS® eRegistry related charges

  • New broker membership fee (charged to the delegatee when a new eRegistry broker is activated on the MERS® eRegistry): $50.00
  • Annual broker renewal fee (annual fee charged to the delegatee when an eRegistry broker’s membership is due for renewal): $10.00
  • eRegistry certificate processing fee: $100.00 per loan

Miscellaneous Charge:

  • Returned payment fee: $25.00 per item


*When a loan’s security instrument with MERS® as mortgagee is registered on the MERS® System, and the eNote is also registered on the MERS® eRegistry, a discount of $1.00 is granted for the second registration and the combined total charge for both registrations will equal $15.90.

**A Transfer of Control-seasoned loan fee will be charged when the transfer date is greater than 270 days from the note date. When the transfer date is 270 days or less from the note date, then the transaction is a Transfer of Control-flow loan which bears no charge.