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MERS® eRegistry

MERS® eRegistry Participant Fees

MERS® eRegistry Participants are not subject to an additional membership fee, as usage is covered under the MERS® System membership fee. Transactional and other related fees do apply.

For each transaction, the Requesting Party is billed. The Requesting Party is the Participant that initiated the transaction on MERS® eRegistry.

eNote Registration*


For eNotes also registered on MERS® System


For eNotes not registered on MERS® System

Price is per transaction
If a Registration is requested by a Delegatee for Transfer (DFT), the DFT is billed for the registration.

Converted to Paper Deactivation


Price is per transaction



Price is per transaction

Transfer of Control - Seasoned Loan


Price is per transaction

Other MERS® eRegistry related charges

  • New Broker Membership Fee (charged to the delegatee when a new eRegistry broker is activated on the MERS® eRegistry): $50.00
  • Annual Broker Renewal Fee (annual fee charged to the delegatee when an eRegistry broker’s membership is due for renewal): $10.00
  • eRegistry Certificate Processing Fee: $100.00 per loan. Fee charged to a Controller when MERSCORP Holdings processes a Certificate to update an eNote Record on behalf of the Controller.

Miscellaneous Charge:

  • Returned payment fee: $25.00 per item