MERS® System Pricing Schedule

Membership Types and Fees



Annual membership fee

Lenders that originate and sell loan servicing rights on a flow basis within 120 days of the original note date.

Lite-Restricted (Lite-R)


Annual membership fee

Lenders/brokers that close MERS loans for immediate sale to an Investor, where the investor will perform the transactions on the MERS® System.



Annual membership fee

Companies that support MERS® System registered loans but do not typically register them.



Annual membership fee

Lenders that typically service loans. There are four tiers of General membership based on annual volume of loan originations or servicing (whichever is greater).

See tables below to determine appropriate membership tier.

General Membership Tier Tables

The applicable annual membership fee corresponds to the highest of the four tiers that applies to a company’s total annual loan origination or servicing portfolio volume.

Tier 1


Annual Loan Origination Volume

Under $250 Million

Size of Servicing Portfolio

Under $2 Billion

Tier 2


Annual Loan Origination Volume

$250 Million - $1 Billion

Size of Servicing Portfolio

> $2 Billion - $10 Billion

Tier 3


Annual Loan Origination Volume

> $1 Billion - $10 Billion

Size of Servicing Portfolio

> $10 Billion - $50 Billion

Tier 4


Annual Loan Origination Volume

> $10 Billion

Size of Servicing Portfolio

> $50 Billion

MOM and Non-MOM Loans

MOM and Non-MOM Loans Amount (per loan)
Registration (Flow + Seasoned)* $11.95
Pre-closing registration 0.97
Post-closing registration (after paying pre-closing registration fee of $0.97) 10.98
Seasoned servicing transfer** 11.95
Seasoned intracompany transfer 2.50
Transfer of non-MERS status 1.00
Certificate Processing Fee 10.00


iRegistrations Amount (per loan)
iRegistrations $0.97
Conversion of iRegistration to non-MOM 10.98
iRegistration Seasoned servicing transfer 0.97
iRegistration Seasoned Intracompany Transfer 0.97
iRegistration Transfer to non-MERS status 0.97


*When a loan’s security instrument with MERS® as mortgagee is registered on the MERS® System, and the eNote is also registered on the MERS® eRegistry, a discount of $1.00 is granted for the second registration and the combined total charge for both registrations will equal $15.90.

** A Seasoned servicing transfer fee will be charged when the transfer date is greater than 270 days from the note date. When the transfer date is 270 days or less from the note date, then the transaction is a Flow transfer, which bears no charge. Intracompany transfers follow this logic. Also, there are currently no transaction fees for transfers of beneficial rights.

Miscellaneous Charges

Excess Mail Fee

$12.00 charged for each document as defined in Rule 5, Section 4 of the MERS® System Rules of Membership.

External Research Fee

$95.00 charged for each loan requiring additional research because the MERS® System does not reflect the correct information.

Physical Delivery Fee

Members who request physical delivery of service of process documents, in addition to receiving them electronically, will incur a $2.00 per document charge.

Returned Payment Fee

$25.00 per item

Value-added Services

Any value-added services are priced, disclosed and agreed to with members prior to the service being rendered.


Complimentary training is available to new MERS® System Members via conference call. Subsequent training options include:

  • Customized training sessions conducted via conference call - $150 per session
  • Customized training sessions at a Member's site - $750 per day, plus trainers' travel expenses
  • Webinars - $35 per connection for standard sessions; higher fees apply for select sessions